CONNECTING THE DOTS – Housing Affordability Out of Reach – #marketcrash #marketbubble #mikemartins

Housing Affordability Out of Reach and in my Opinion Average wage earners will be placed out of the markets ! we are on a path of destruction here – Hopefully in 2017 they will bring in some sort of transparency to help us understand this issue in greater depth ! They Need to Raise Rates in 2017 ASAP ! Any lower an it will Be a Gong SHOW ! And Watch the bubbles Inflate!WOOOOOO

“The Bank of Canada’s Housing Affordability Index remains the indicator to watch in 2017 because if Canadians can no longer afford to own a house, it would dampen residential construction and undermine a key prop holding up the economy—not to mention possibly even endanger the financial system through rising mortgage defaults. The index, which tracks the proportion of disposable income that a representative Canadian family spends on carrying a mortgage and utilities, has indeed trended upward in recent quarters. But it remains below its long-term average, suggesting a downturn in the housing market is not imminent at the national level.
#marketcrash #marketbubble #mikemartins

Please watch: “Mike in The Night ! – The Great Reset – #mikeinthenight #talkshow #Thegreatreset”

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