CONNECTING THE DOTS – Vancouver is Dying ! Vancouver tent city dismantled again Housing & Basic Affordability out of Reach

Vancouver is Dying ! And that’s why im outta here !

The City of Vancouver has been seeing a lot more Educated and full time workers entering Homelessness ! Housing affordability is severely out of Reach for many !

looks like a few tents have returned , I hope people can find a warm place to sleep !

About 15 people were evicted Friday morning from Thornton Park after setting up tents and a makeshift kitchen the night before.

The campers headed to the park, which adjoins Vancouver’s Pacific Station train and bus terminal, after a court order came into effect ordering them off city-owned property at 58 W. Hastings St., where a tent camp had stood for more than four months.

Just before 10 a.m. Friday, police and parks staff served the Thornton campers with printed notices that they were in violation of a bylaw prohibiting the setting up of tents and other structures without permission.
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Within half an hour, the clean-up began. Parks staff cleaned away tents, wooden pallets, several shopping carts and other articles while police handcuffed and arrested those who refused to leave. Among those arrested was housing activist Maria Wallstam, who had earlier sent out a press release announcing the tent city move.

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Police said four women and two men were arrested for breach of the peace, and one man was arrested for obstruction and resisting arrest.

It was unclear where the remaining campers would go next.

“I’m going to go with the herd,” said camper A.C. Morris, adding he had spent the previous four months at the camp on Hastings.

“It’s not a bug-infested SRO,” Morris said of the camping life. “We all watch out for each other. We had a kitchen, we had water, coffee.”

Morris said a friend in the tent next to his was among those arrested when he refused to let park staff take down his tent.

“As long as we stick together, it’ll be harder and harder each day for them to get rid of us. Even if people close their eyes and turn their heads, that doesn’t mean we don’t exist.”

More than a dozen Vancouver police officers and a similar number of parks staff were involved in the clean-up.

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