CONNECTING THE DOTS – Death of the Big City By 2020 ! Major cities unaffordable across western Countries Minus Red States

Big city pros:
More job opportunities and higher salaries
Potential for higher real estate price increases

Small town pros:
More bang for the buck across most of the largest expense categories including housing
This is one of the non-financial things of the city that we really treasure.

The city is more vibrant than a small town. The busy life in a city is not for everyone, but I must admit that we use the city quite a lot.

The city has the characteristics of each unique area, nice stores, good food, plenty of schools, childcare options, public transportation (at least in some cities) and playgrounds. There are many opportunities to take lessons/courses in e.g. music, art and languages, and there are plenty of things for kids to do.
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The small town only has a limited selection of the above and it’s often not in close proximity to home.

You might not value these activities in the big city in which case the small town might suit you better, but for now, this is one of the main reasons we have decided to stay in the city. However, the city’s pleasures might also cost you more than in a small town.

Big city pros:

Much more life with plenty of opportunities
Small town pros:

Much more quiet and less busy
Lack of (expensive) activities might save you money
If you live in a small town you might have a harder time getting around.

From a financial perspective, you might need a car which can be costly.

Currently, we don’t own a car and we have no trouble getting around in the city.

In the city, I can ride around on my bike since everything is relatively close. If I need to go further, I can use public transportation. I can even use ride-hailing services like Uber or Lyft. I could also use some of the emerging car sharing companies that allow me to rent cars by the minute at a much lower monthly cost than owning a car.

In a small town, you are very much dependent on a car to get around (except if you don’t ever need to leave the small town).

For some people living in small towns, you will need to drive long distances to get a haircut, shop for clothes or enjoy various types of entertainment. The same goes for last-minute items if you just forgot to buy a crucial ingredient for your dinner.

This increases the need for a car. On top of the amount required to purchase the car, the running costs of gas and maintenance should also be included. This can be a costly endeavour that definitely needs to be considered before moving to a small town.

Aside from the financial aspect, there’s also the time spent commuting.

Living in a small town, you might have to spend a lot of time commuting – especially if you work in a big city. You might also have to travel further to visit friends and family.

Big city pros:

Shorter distances to travel meaning less time spent in transport
Lower transportation costs by not necessarily needing one or more cars
Small town pros:

None – except if you get closer to work, activities, friends and families by moving to a small town
Nature and pollution
An important thing to consider is the closeness to nature and the pollution level in big cities vs. small towns.

One of the things I dislike most about the city is the pollution level. Many large cities have a pollution problem. In fact, WHO estimates that 4.2 million people die from air pollution every year alone.

For me, that is a major drawback of living in the city. Especially now that we will be parents, we are considering what kind of air we want to expose our child’s lungs to.

On top of this, most cities are not as closely located to unspoiled nature as small towns are. If you like spending time in the nature, this is of course something to consider.

Big city pros:


Small town pros:

Often low(er) air pollution
Often closer to nature
Friends & family
This one is important for my wife and I. It is hard to say whether the big city or small town in general is better than the other, because it’s highly individual.

However, there’s a few things that could make us consider moving to a small town in the future:

If our friends and family move out of the city (which has already started slowly)
If we get many kids and need more space than affordable apartments/houses in the city can provide
If we want to have a garden where our kids can play
If pollution levels increase further and make it less attractive to live in the city
If we want to become financially independent even faster than currently planned
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