CONNECTING THE DOTS – HOUSING POWDER KEG ! #housingcrash #housingbubble #mikemartins

My Opinion: 2008 all over Again Across the Commonwealth ! But this time its worse !
People are taking on to much debt ! and banks need to lower rates to keep up with the disturbing times ! This is A PERFECT STORM ! And it wont end well ! The only way out if to ramp up foreign Investments and sell out the locals – Mike Martins
#housingcrash #housingbubble #mikemartins
Below are the musings of one financial market observer who recently attended the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Expo as a joke but walked away convinced the system is about “to blow sky high.”
Please watch: “Mike in The Night ! – The Great Reset – #mikeinthenight #talkshow #Thegreatreset”

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