We don’t have a housing crisis – we have a population crisis More Bs as People MASS Exodus UK!

My Opinion ! ALL BS ! middle class people cant afford to live in London or surrounding area due to the Affordability Crisis ! The Prime Minister announced yesterday that she is to take personal charge of solving Britain’s acute housing crisis. Yes By Blaming the population !

The Prime Minister Theresa May announced yesterday that she is to take personal charge of solving Britain’s acute housing crisis.

In next week’s Budget, planning rules will be relaxed, social housing debt cancelled, stamp duty cut and billions of pounds will be pumped into house-building projects.

New homes will spring up across the land, on brownfield sites, in back gardens, on the rooftops of existing buildings even.

Yet Theresa May says it can all be achieved while protecting the Green Belt. Build up, not out, is the new mantra. Pile ’em high and sell ’em cheap.

Marvel as Mother Theresa morphs into Bob the Builder. Can we fix it? Yes we can!

But hang on a minute. Are we really going to need all these little boxes post Brexit?

Not if the Remain scaremongers are to be believed. They’re like those deluded Japanese soldiers after Hiroshima, hiding out in the jungle, still fighting the last war.

Once we leave the EU, they warn, jobs will dry up and millions of immigrants will flee the country. Indeed, scared migrants are doing so already, forced out by mobs of knuckle-scraping neo-Nazis roaming the streets stirring up a hate crime epidemic.

The NHS is on the brink of collapse, as nurses and doctors who came here from overseas seek sanctuary in safe havens abroad.

Crops are left to rot in the fields, as agricultural workers return home to Eastern Europe. Soon you won’t be able to hire a Polish plumber for love nor money. Pubs and restaurants will close their doors because they can’t recruit foreign bar staff and waitresses. There won’t be a car wash left anywhere in Britain.

All those Polski skleps which have taken over from Asian corner shops will go bankrupt overnight, as their customers retreat in droves to Warsaw and Gdansk. Our inner cities will become ghost towns and our public services will implode, shorn of hard-working immigrants run out of Britain, virtually at gunpoint.

That, at least, is the apocalyptic vision post Brexit painted by the fanatics still trying to perpetuate Project Fear. If they’re right, then we won’t need to build millions of new homes, since Brexodus — as it’s being dubbed — will free up housing stock everywhere.

Rents and house prices will come crashing down as demand plummets and young people will be able to scale the housing ladder like Barbary apes. Dream on.

Like all the other horror stories invented by the Remoaners, Brexodus is a pack of lies. Far from foreign nationals fleeing Britain, they are continuing to flock here in record numbers. We don’t have a housing crisis, we have a population crisis — driven almost exclusively by immigration. It’s one of the main reasons people voted Leave.

MigrationWatch UK — which has been about the only body to tell the unvarnished truth about immigration over the past couple of decades — reports that eight out of ten new households established between 2000 and 2015 are made up of migrant families.

As these new arrivals age, it will put even more pressure on housing. MigrationWatch says we should consider, for instance, the number of young men — especially from Eastern Europe — currently living as many as a dozen or more to a house. In time, they will all want to start families and set up homes of their own.

MigrationWatch’s Lord Green said: ‘We have a major crisis over housing affecting huge numbers of people, especially the young. Yet the focus of debate is still on supply; nobody dares talk about demand and its principal driver, immigration.’

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