Alternative lenders are seeing an uptick in business 20% being denied by big banks,

I saw the same Patterns In south Florida in Early 2007 !
You can hear the desperation in the AIR !!!!

One major reason for the uptick in alternative lending is the difficulty that many small businesses and individuals have had in accessing traditional forms of financing. Banks and other traditional lending institutions have become increasingly cautious in their lending practices, making it more difficult for those with less-than-perfect credit to secure a loan. Alternative lenders, on the other hand, are often more willing to work with borrowers who have less-than-perfect credit, making them a viable option for those who might not qualify for a traditional loan.

Another reason for the increase in alternative lending is the rise of fintech companies, which have made it easier for borrowers to access alternative lending options. Fintech companies use technology to automate the lending process, making it faster and more efficient. This has led to a wider range of lending options and more competitive rates for borrowers.

remember guys buying a home is the most investment the biggest one of the most biggest investments you’ll ever make in your lifetime and you got to make sure it’s right it’s gonna be a it’s an asset right and it’s an asset for people don’t want to raise a family and live and grow it’s a commodity for people that want to buy and flip if you’re buying and flipping then those videos not for you this this has nothing to do this has to do with the common Canadian proper or Australian proper or Irish proper that work hard send their kids to school they’ve come from all over the world to make their countries their home like to make Canada their home basically make the u.s. their home to make Ireland their home or else earlier their home and basically building a future for their family and their children you know what I’m saying so this is it this is how it started this is exactly how the pattern started down in South Florida I remember down in South Florida it was so so bad during the height I still remember this people were paying twenty thirty thousand dollars to move in to move into someone’s pre built units to buy someone’s pre built units they’re not selling them the units they’re selling them the spot in line to be able to buy the pre-built units that’s how out of control it got when it was buying when it went to the hiked in Florida I still remember the height was crazy people paid one guy paid $31,000 to get a position in Lima in one of the condos he didn’t buy the condo he just bought the person’s like ticket that they had I heard stories like that out of Brampton Ontario were people that were that got there early received numbers so they could go and buy and then they were calling out numbers and people are giving $10,000 $20,000 for a number just to hear I’ll give you 20 grand for this number so I could go ahead of you it’s like holy crap are you friggin serious so this is what happened everything heated up so much investors heated up the market everything got heated and look what’s happening now everyone’s being pushed down the granite ladder now it’s kind of the bank’s fault because the banks have to put these these measures in these distressed tests they have to be put in place they thought that this 1% or 0% interest was gonna go forever the party comes to an end people and this is what we see here that’s happening and this is it the mainstream the mainstream banks are saying hey goodbye go to shadow banking or whatever getting your home equity work for you those kind of places so I want to know what you guys think I want to know I want to know comment below have you been hearing stories on the ground comment below I’d like to know I got so many stories from all the places I’ve lived and watching housing bubbles go up and down like like a roller coaster and that’s why I’ve never invested in housing markets I invested stocks yeah the stock the stocks dipped and I bought and people like oh you’re you’re you’re people are telling me yeah your your portfolio should have taken a hit in the last two days I’m like yeah and then I bought that’s how it works you know you know ten thousand becomes five thousand and then five thousand because 20 you know that’s just how it works in the in the whole market the whole business market that’s just how it works though the markets work like that that’s how housing works one day it’s this have one day it’s that but because our housing is tied to our economy it’s making it a lot more complicated for it to crash

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