Classic Mike in the Night! on YT

Classic on YT: Mike in the Night E461 – WORLD WAR WOKE ! – The world is a Vampire ! War in Russia .

bs news is stating
Sir Jeremy Fleming, the director of the UK’s intelligence, cyber and security agency, is set to claim the war is badly backfiring in Putin’s home country as fighting age Russians desperately try to avoid being drafted into his ‘war of choice’. In a speech in London later today, Sir Jeremy will claim that despite claims of an ‘inevitable Russian military victory’ at the start of the war, ‘it’s clear that Ukraine’s courageous action on the battlefield and in cyberspace is turning the tide’. The security chief will also claim that ‘Russia’s forces are exhausted’ and it has become reliant on prisoners and inexperienced conscripts to backup depleted numbers on the frontline. It comes the day after Russia launched its biggest missile barrage on Ukraine since its illegal invasion in February, killing 11 people and injuring scores more in strikes in cities, including the capital Kyiv. A defiant Volodymyr Zelenksy branded Russia a ‘terrorist state’ after the attack and said it showed the Kremlin is desperate as it is ‘not capable of opposing us on the battlefield’. In a video taunting his counterpart, President Zelensky said that despite the strikes Ukraine had managed to shoot down half of the missiles and drones aimed at his country, adding his people ‘cannot be intimidated’.

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