NSFW Mike in the night!

Mike in the Night! E502, Thousands of demonstrators rally in protest at Israeli prime minister’s extremist cabinet for 19th straight week, CDC propaganda, Default would be ‘catastrophe’ for US, New York, San Francisco Office Buildings Are Absolute Ghost Towns, Net migration into Britain could top 1 million this year, doubling previous record,

China’s digital currency raises concern as wages of thousands of public servants moves to e-CNY

On Her Way Out the Door, Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Signs Slew of Executive Orders

Majority of Germans oppose NATO membership for Ukraine – poll

More than half of the population is also in favor of peace talks between Kiev and Moscow, a new survey shows

Chicago records 2023’s first cluster of monkeypox cases — just as WHO officials declare global virus emergency OVER

NY Hotels Boot Homeless Veterans to Shelter Released Migrants

Republicans demand Biden take cognitive test or drop out

At least 61 members of Congress submitted a letter to the US president expressing concern with his mental state

Monkeypox resurfaces in Chicago just as WHO declares end of monkeypox global emergency

Study: Supplementing with vitamin D helps prevent cancer, especially if it’s taken more frequently

Supply chain collapsing as some workers quit, others die from COVID “vaccines”

For the first time in many years, a truly honorable candidate is running for president as a Democrat, and his name is Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The Health Ranger had the unique opportunity to speak with Kennedy recently about what he stands for, and how he is shaking up the Democrat Party in much the same way that Donald Trump shook up the Republican Party.

Four Illegal Immigrants Sue Two Republican Counties in New York for Banning Hotels from Housing Illegals

Surveillance Contractor Monitored Vaccine Skeptics, Report Says

Biden Regime Caught Colluding With Mexican Gov’t to INTENTIONALLY Allow Migrant Invasion

Argentina: April’s monthly inflation set at 8.4%

It would be healthier and safer for humanity to sign an agreement with the Columbian drug cartel than with WHO, says MEP

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