Weather Channel to erase historical documents, Atlantis found in Mauritania, digital book Burning, historical weather patterns are under attack

Weather Channel to erase historical documents, Atlantis found in Mauritania, digital book Burning

deleting weather history historical weather patterns are under attack well someone sent me a tip the other day and saying hey Mike it looks like they’re going to be deleting or you can’t find archival um evidence of different weather patterns or changing in weather patterns our weather has been pretty much stable or our forecast has been pretty much stable uh in the last 180 to 200 years we’ve been recording our weather and um we’ve noticed and we’re noticing that historical weather um documentation is slowly disappearing online and it’s getting harder and harder to find or trying to connect the dots between weather patterns and weather history and trying to forecast get it forecasting what the weather is going to be in the future and this whole climate regime change toxicity uh climate uh World’s Gonna burn over um fear that they’ve been spilling on us for since the time of pretty much Al Gore when he was saying that Florida would be underwater by 2012 or 2011. Florida would be underwater and and and and it was that other uh Greta was saying that 2023 in May was it May 20 or May 21st 2023 the world would end so there’s constantly constantly digital book burning and we’ve been talking about this on this channel where they’re gonna want to obviously erase uh weather in historical weather patterns and Destroy historical farmers almanacs and looking at what the weather may be predictions on what to grow and what not to grow and how to grow within certain timelines I’m really afraid of this digital book burning because I re I’ve said this and I’ve quoted this a thousand times on the on the channel a hundred years from now when you digitally look up the Iraq War a hundred years from now it would say how the Americans went to go free the world from the evil Saddam Hussein and disarm all his weapons of mass destruction and chemical weapons that would have destroyed the whole world and we wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for Americans um destroying the Iraqi regime but realistically he had no weapons of mass destruction and he wasn’t amassing whatever they thought he was amassing or whatever they and again it’s a business in the end it’s all business follow the money and you get to where you’re getting but they’re deleting historical weather patterns The Weather Channel apparently or the someone directed me to that and told me that hey Mike we got ourselves a problem here I can’t find any historical uh weather patterns of a certain area like they used to look them up and you could find certain things and you could project certain things but now it’s like becoming deleted and that’s why we need to keep physical copies of everything and that’s why we need to go back to the typewriter that’s why we need to revert back to the typewriter because I think that’s something that we all need to preserve is our information because the digital book burning is going to continue folks to to fund or support or create their narrative that they want to sell us right and this climate thing I think is the only way they could take it going forward and I think they’re gonna obviously do what they can to scare the next couple of generations ahead into fear into oh you know maybe in 100 Years it’ll be it’ll be at a point where you’ll have meters on you or some sort of identification uh Sun indicators yeah we’ll call them Sun indicators on this on this video the sun indicator would pick up this the sun rays that you’re getting and it’ll give you a little stopwatch and we’ll let you know that how much sun you’ve taken for the day or you’re gonna evaporate if you take more than you need and people will be educated and indoctrine into the sun indicators and believing that oh my God I got eight minutes of the Sun for the day I gotta get out of here before I end up evaporating and people would believe it because they’ll actually concoct and create this fake videos of people evaporating because they got too much sun for the day and I’m feeling that that’s they’re going to control us through weather they’ve been controlling us through weather but they’re doing a better job at it for the people that believe everything they’re told so because they got the mainstream media they got the governments they got everything on their side to push their agendas and the people like such as myself that look at it and say yeah the Climate change, Global warming, Carbon emissions, Renewable energy, Greenhouse gases, Sustainable development, Climate action, Climate crisis, Environmental conservation, Clean energy, Climate adaptation, Paris Agreement, Climate science, Climate policy, Mitigation strategies, Carbon footprint, Climate justice, Climate resilience, Carbon neutrality, Biodiversity loss, Extreme weather events, Sea level rise, Renewable transportation, Sustainable agriculture, Green buildings, Climate finance, Climate activism, Ecological balance, Clean technology, Low-carbon future.

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