Major homeless epidemic happening all over the world primarily in English-speaking countries, people living in a rural part of Ontario for many years are being forced into homelessness

epidemic of homelessness

major homeless epidemic happening all over the world primarily in English-speaking countries when they had to lower artificially lower interest rates to dangerous points where people became over leveraged and now are losing it or losing it all I want to thank everyone for all the emails they’ve been sending me all the messages and feedback and information on what’s going down and uh with people that have worked 10 15 20 30 years are now entering homelessness or entering shelter mode or getting in line at the food bank it’s really heartbreaking and devastating for people that grew up and and saw what the real Canada was what the real America was what the real Australia and New Zealand was UK what their countries were 30 40 years ago to what they’ve become and trans transformed to today it’s really heartbreaking seeing what’s happening and um you know we’ve been very vocal about this for many years now and I do bring up older videos we made and a lot of people get upset with that it’s because we can because we’ve been predicting and we’ve been discussing this and warning people and all I’ve gotten in the last 10 years was pooped on and now that things are happening we are connecting the dots to previous information that we’ve given you guys we can go back we have a track record we have the information we’ve given the information and I’ve tried my best now homelessness is really becoming a major major it’s going to become an epidemic of a problem by the by the winter of 2023 if you’re in the northern Hemisphere and I’m seeing the food bank lineups and it’s scary it’s getting scary guys if you want to know want to get more insights coupon information on past episodes of Mike of the night our live streaming show we do on Rumble and odyssey just go to and you will find what it is you’re looking for here we have all kinds of information on here that is basically scrubbed some of it’s scrubbed but we’ve maintained to keep it and Rumble so guys Rumble and odyssey is where we do Mike of the night there’s 508 right there if you guys want to catch it okay what’s going on here it is now there’s a little bit of an older article but I need to cover this one because new research suggests Canada’s homeless crisis is bigger than current data shows so it’s getting out of control and obviously they’re gonna obviously lie about the numbers and say they’re lower than they are right but the current federal numbers suggests we we only have 235 000 over the course of an entire year over the course of an entire country experiencing homelessness how is this like only half if they say we only have 3 500 homelessness I would say okay okay that’s not too bad but we only have 235 000 homeless people and most of them are war vets and everything so let’s we’ll we’ll connect the dots to that now you go to uh our evictions from Abbotsford homeless Camp illegal lawyers think so so this app that’s for British Columbia where more and more people are these homeless camps are getting either looted destroyed or or you know taken out by you know City councils and whatnot and people have nowhere to go and look at this guys in rural I remember Sudbury Ontario in Canada a very rural part of Ontario very you know way out kind of out there and number of homeless continue to creep up in Sudbury there are more people in need than there is affordable housing uh uh says City official and most of them are from Sudbury so more and more people are being forced this proves to you people living in a rural part of Ontario for many years are being forced into homelessness and this tells you right here they’re from Sudbury so they’re not being trucked in or rolled in there or busting they’re actually from there which is very very scary and we go into folks are scared to go outside in the naimo group calls for action on homeless encampment so in Nanaimo where is Nanaimo right there on an island off the coast of Vancouver there so you got to take a ferry to get there this island is the homelessness is so out of control gentlemen in here the dawn came in to see me in person and shake my hand and talked to me for a bit and he told me the homelessness the encampments are so out of control they had to fence off all their parks and it’s turning into a complete disaster there from from word on the ground the Looting the breaking Windows of shop shop Windows um just absolutely disastrous and the homelessness is being shuffled around uh different pa

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