Riddled with cancer, are hospitals keeping cancer diagnosis a secret ? or just told to Ignore it ? they had to remove his gallbladder because they thought it was a problem then it was misdiagnosed

riddled with cancer, are hospitals keeping cancer diagnosis a secret ?

riddled with cancer well you know I wasn’t going to make this video today but I felt compelled that I need to do this make this video and get more testimonials from you guys and see what’s going on in your neck of the woods the thing about social media is uh mainstream social media that gets you connected with people you know you haven’t seen since high school people you haven’t seen since grade school heck I have I have one person on my social media that I knew from I think kindergarten grade one and grade two that I could be in touch with I mean they’re they come up on my stream or whatever my wall or whatever or whatever they’re going what’s happening in their lives is happening and I could see and I could see people you know people a lot of people my age are having their child you know having children and I noticed the same pattern that they’re having their children late I had my children I think at 37 right so everyone’s having their children a little bit later then when my mom had me right now another thing has been coming up on social media and uh is funerals and terrible cancer well they’re not calling it turbo cancer especially if it’s someone personally that’s doing it or someone that’s personally writing on their own wall they’re basically stating that unfortunately I’m really sad to say this in great sadness that I was diagnosed today with stage four turbo cancer or they don’t say trouble cancer but but I was staged cancer right and um a friend of mine reached out from grade school but we ended up going to different high schools but from grade school but we were close in grade school and he messaged me to tell me that he um that he’s got um

they had to remove his gallbladder because they thought it was a problem then it was misdiagnosed and then they actually realized that they couldn’t do anything after well it’s it’s a complicated write-up but basically they found cancer in him or they noticed that he had cancer or cancerous tumors in him or something so he did a scan a biopsy or whatever and the scan and a biopsy I’m not sure if I have that right and they found that it’s already reached his brain and this guy is semi-fit like pretty pretty not too husky but a semi-fit guy plays street hockey all the time still play street hockey on Rollerblades type of thing type of guy that guy you would go to go to a park with your kids and you’d see some guy whacking a ball at a net uh in his 40s right and um and he reached out to me to let me know when he reached out to others and created a small Discussion Group

talking about and then in that discussion group that’s where things started to take off where more and more people were saying oh me too I was I actually uh have cancer too but they say I could beat it and then and then someone else in the group said yeah my son has cancer he’s 19. so obviously he had a child at a younger age and he’s 19 but he has uh I think it was testicular cancer so the threat’s going and we’re talking and uh and as they asked Mike are you doing okay I’m like I’m fine and they’re kind of rolling the dice and saying well you know you live in the mountains you live in a small town you know you’re kind of away from the city life and the City Food and the city you’re away from the pollution to so to say but that place may be two percent of our Lives three percent maybe unless you’re living somewhere in in some really Smoky microchip Factory area where okay that makes up 50 but I’m talking about like where I am makes up almost zero percent of of Health defects through weather or whatever you know what I’m saying or not weather not weather sorry man man-made pollute like actual man-made pollutants but anyways so the thread’s going threads going and and more and more people are jumping on and a girl that I uh had a crush on in grade five or grade six uh was diagnosed with breast cancer and this is really strange there’s 53 people now in the thread and I had two friends beat cancer two and then I had

like now it would be six friends that I know personally that died from cancer and one of them one of the six friends

was really close to me I mean he knows me like he very close to me very very close we used to walk to school in the mornings together he used to stand up for me when bullies would pick on me or something you know and um and I really miss him I really miss he would reach out for me maybe once a month and he even call me on Skype or call me on Facebook messenger and and he would talk to me and and um you know tell me his ordeal and uh

and I told him not to take certain things you know I I begged him not to take certain things and he watched Mike in the night

but you know sometimes when you have to trust the science and not your friends or trust the the science it may lead to more problems down the road right but I’m not going to get into that all I wanted to say was

it’s an underlying thing mainstream media is not exploring any of it mainstream media here especially in Canada they’re looking for Trump to fall down the stairs or looking for Trump something in his taxes they’re looking for something to happen so that could be front and center the whole submarine thing fizzled out a week later so the whole submarine thing fizzled out Canada needs something really big the knife violence I told you guys that was gonna happen I told you guys there was going to be an uptick in violent knife crimes I made multiple I made three videos now of it in the last 10 years and we were going off the statistics in England of stabbings at 23 or 28 000 stabbings per year in the London area I gotta bring up the video for you guys but but yes yes

you’re gonna start to see an uptick in a lot of things here in the West America is turning into American like we predicted uh back in the 24 2014 video wagons East is coming Flora fornia New Jersey fornia everything will become multiple layers of government and it’s it’s gonna break people down if terrible cancer doesn’t get them first and that’s what we’re looking at right now and that’s what I’ve been you know I I joined that you know the threat to talk with other people and that I grew up with and we have a small community from our high school from like four grades of the high school at that time some people and then there’s another group so this one group is is now growing and we’re talking and just kind of trying to make sense of people are still not connecting the dots I send somebody a copy of Mike of the night I put it up on on the website I think it was 468. from November or no August September of 2022. but yeah so more and more people are getting sick and more and more people are getting riddled with cancer in most hospitals I think in my heart of hearts I don’t know this or telling people not to tell the patients they have cancer and I could prove that because that happened to my dad my dad had cancer for four years they never told us in Ontario Canada then when he came out to visit me in BC he did a basic blood test because he wasn’t feeling well and they realized that he had stage four cancer that was in 2019 and they knew that how the hell did this guy get on an airplane so they were fighting to get the file from Ontario they wouldn’t release the file so basically the doctor told me straight up that uh the deal was that they didn’t want to tell you guys your dad had cancer because they felt he wasn’t he wasn’t worth saving basically that’s what the doctor told me to my face so I’m thinking it’s happening more and I think it’s happening and it’s and I think they’re going to keep it quiet

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