Morning Coffee with Mike – Major News Headlines , Breaking Stories , More lies !

Your #1 source for Misinformation – Samsung Assists With India’s Controversial Digital ID Rollout
US government quietly announced COLLAPSE of another bank late Friday (hoping nobody would notice)
WATCH: Man refuses to accept store’s cashless agenda, is told ‘Police are on their way’
Hundreds Of Migrants Sleeping On Street Outside Manhattan’s Roosevelt Hotel
China blocks more than 8,000 social media accounts in latest ‘clean up’ campaign
Internet censor is cracking down on false and misleading information about companies and entrepreneurs
Among the accounts shut down were several that had taken aim at the country’s home-grown passenger jet
Australia’s Draconian “Misinformation” Bill Threatens to Usher in Unprecedented Era of Illiberal Double Standards, Warns Victorian Bar
You won’t believe what the CDC’s new director has in store for you
If Wagner Group attacks Poland, it will be recognized as an attack by Russia, warns US ambassador
US cluster munitions will bring more pain and death to Donbass civilians, and Washington doesn’t care
Democrats Warn Summers Are NOT Supposed To Be Hot: “Increased Temperatures Aren’t Normal”
Brazil dominates increasing share of China’s soybean market
Is the federal government preparing Americans for a nuclear attack?
WATCH: Climate-change theory up in smoke as video shows REAL cause of wildfire
Report on foreign interference through social media handed down, TikTok and WeChat put on notice
Germany: New 128-apartment social housing complex exclusively reserved for asylum seekers in Berlin

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