44K USD Per Tent ! , this smells of Money Laundering, As more Americans are forced into Homelessness

Reports indicate that a newly constructed homeless village in East Hollywood is incurring a cost of $44,000 per tent for taxpayers. After allocating approximately $4 million for amenities like fencing, washrooms, and staffing facilities, city officials in Los Angeles are now equipping this “temporary” homeless camp with tents priced at $44,000 each.

Additionally, there is a $3 million yearly catering service for camp residents, along with round-the-clock staffing. This setup appears rather extravagant, especially when compared to the limited government assistance received by taxpaying Americans.

While the rest of us toil for our sustenance, those residing in East Hollywood’s tent city are provided with complimentary lodging, food, and constant security, all funded by taxpayers.

As per the Los Angeles Times, this tent city occupies a former parking lot slated for future public housing development. Meanwhile, since this will take years to materialize, substantial funds are being poured into the tent city.

Notably, recent lawsuits allege that the staff at the East Hollywood tent city, primarily composed of former convicts chosen for their aptitude in unpredictable situations, have been involved in abusive conduct.

Urban Alchemy, a San Francisco-based nonprofit, manages and upkeeps this opulent encampment. Initially established in 2018 with a modest grant, it now employs mostly ex-prisoners due to their ability to assess people in uncertain circumstances.

Urban Alchemy also oversees similar homeless encampments in Portland and Austin, generating $51 million in 2021 to sustain “affordable” housing for California’s 172,000 homeless individuals.

Reports suggest that the tents in the East Hollywood tent city surpass the quality of those available in typical camping stores. Essentially, the homeless receive superior tents for free compared to what American taxpayers can purchase on the consumer market.

These tents are equipped with wooden platforms, full-sized beds, and a range of storage lockers, rendering them an ideal living solution for California’s temperate, snow-free climate.

Adjacent to the East Hollywood tent city lies an office managed by the nonprofit Coalition for Responsible Community Development, dedicated to assisting encampment residents in finding employment, if they wish to do so.

Those in the encampment are not obliged to seek employment; they can continue to receive complimentary sustenance and housing indefinitely. However, for those inclined towards work, a convenient solution lies just across the street.

Several other similar encampments dot the Los Angeles landscape, including one in Culver City featuring tents crafted from robust white canvas. In another tent village in South Los Angeles, residents receive tents resembling store-bought camping gear.

Reportedly, only 2 percent of the homeless population in the East Hollywood encampment have transitioned to permanent housing. Urban Alchemy attributes this to a dearth of affordable housing options throughout LA.

“Why does one tent cost $44,000? Is this a Pentagon procurement operation?” pondered one commenter regarding the steep price of tents in the East Hollywood encampment.

“No, but it’s a similar expenditure approach,” another retorted.

“Out of that $44,000, $43,990 eventually finds its way into the coffers of the Democrat Party,” quipped another, half in jest.

“$44,000 for one tent goes towards funding the six-figure salaries of NGO employees who would be homeless themselves without their NGO jobs, as they lack tangible skills beyond exploitation,” added another observer.
44K USD Per Tent ! , this smells of Money Laundering, As more Americans are forced into Homelessness

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