2024 Truth WARS ! , Deepfakes to be destroyed , T Mobile is watching you ! , Tik Tok to Fact check

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Originally Aired on Dec 30, 2023, 10:00 pm EST

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The Associated Press (AP) was once a trusted wire service, delivering unbiased news devoid of opinion or interpretation for media outlets to incorporate into their reporting. However, a noticeable shift has occurred. In an article raising concerns about the mainstream prevalence of deepfakes, the AP, from the outset, asserts that social media “guardrails” are diminishing. Notably, the article’s underlying message advocates for increased censorship.

A noteworthy aspect of the article is the footnote, usually reserved for legal warnings, which defines the AP as an entity “receiving support from several private foundations.” The stated purpose is to “enhance its explanatory coverage of elections and democracy,” a phrase that invokes skepticism reminiscent of George Orwell’s discerning editorial eye.

The focus then shifts to how the AP covers elections and democracy in an “explanatory” manner, primarily centered around the upcoming 2024 US presidential ballot, with a nod to the preceding election. The events of January 6 and what the authors label as “false election conspiracy theories” set the narrative for the article, framing the message about what actions must be taken leading up to 2024 – ostensibly to support those currently in power.

The AP’s warning implies that, regardless of the perceived challenges to democracy from a pro-Biden perspective in the past, the situation is poised to worsen. Citing hand-picked “experts,” the article suggests a bleak outlook for the democratic process.

An ironic moment occurs when the article attributes the mistrust in elections to former President Trump, who, having endured claims of illegitimacy since 2016, is now accused of perpetuating the idea that elections cannot be trusted.

Deepfakes are presented as a looming threat, purportedly the linchpin in a highly complex election process. However, the article suggests that this fear is merely a mechanism to coerce social media platforms into intensifying content censorship in the lead-up to the 2024 vote.

Quoting University of Washington’s Oren Etzioni, the article concludes with a prediction of a “tsunami of misinformation,” seemingly using fear as a justification for increased content control – inadvertently challenging the legitimacy of concerns about deepfakes as a conspiracy theory.

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