Stabbings are Going Up, in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Migrant Invasion destroying communities

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Stabbings to Skyrocket in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Migrant Invasion destroying communities

Stabbing Attacks in Melbourne:

Four people in the hospital after three random stabbing attacks in Melbourne.
One woman is fighting for her life, and three others are being treated for injuries.
Australia is experiencing a youth crime crisis.
Youth Crime Crisis in Australia:

Mike Martin discusses the reasons behind the youth’s involvement in crime.
Points to a sense of hopelessness among the youth, feeling that they have nothing to lose.
Draws parallels to similar issues in Chicago and other places in the United States.
Judicial Response and Policies:

Suggests that courts and politicians in Australia are unable to effectively deal with the youth crime issue.
Highlights the use of young teenagers by crime gangs for home invasions, car thefts, and carjackings.
Mentions that some states and the government are considering raising the age of criminality.
Specific Stabbing Incident in Melbourne:

Describes a specific stabbing incident in Melbourne, where a 31-year-old man allegedly carried out three random attacks in three hours.
Mentions the locations of the attacks and the victims involved.
Global Trends in Stabbings and Knife Violence:

Refers to warnings about stabbings and knife violence increasing in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
Shares data on the skyrocketing incidents of stabbings and knife violence, particularly in the UK.
Stabbing Statistics:

Cites alarming statistics, such as 45,000 stabbings in England and Wales (excluding Greater Manchester) in a given period.
Concerns about Punishment:

Expresses concern that authorities are making the punishment for such crimes almost non-punishable, which he finds alarming.
Please note that the information is summarized and may not capture all the nuances of Mike Martins discussion.

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