Digital Smash and Grabs Ahead ! , Digital Hackers Ready to Jump all over Digital Id and CBDC

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Digital Prison Series:

The discussion revolves around the concept of a digital prison, which has been a recurring topic in the “Mike of the Night” series.
Digital ID Rollout:

Governments and corporations globally are actively implementing or planning to implement digital IDs.
The rollout is often presented to citizens as a means of convenience and enhanced data security.
Privacy Concerns and Hacker Attacks:

Opponents argue against the claims that digital IDs enhance data security and highlight serious privacy implications.
Cybersecurity firm Re Security’s report indicates that hackers love digital IDs, and personal information is becoming a prime target.
Data Dumps on the Dark Web:

After Christmas, data dumps, referred to as “leakas” or Christmas leaks, containing personal identifiable information surfaced on the dark web.
Hackers express their love for digital IDs by focusing on these data dumps.
Digital Smash and Grabs:

The term “digital smash and grabs” is introduced to describe the stealing of personal information in large quantities.
A staggering 15 million records containing personal identifiable information were found on the dark web.
Telecommunications Company Hack:

Re Security reports that 22 million records were stolen from a telecommunications company in Peru, including DNIs (National IDs).
The DNI is a crucial ID document recognized by Peruvian authorities for various transactions and activities.
Global Impact:

The repercussions of the hack extend beyond Peru, affecting countries such as the Philippines, the US, France, and Vietnam.
European Digital ID Rollout:

Europe is set to be the first to roll out the digital ID, utilizing certificate authority transport and layered security.
The digital ID creation involves root certificates, which will be bonded and audited to prevent fakes.
Concerns About Putting All Eggs in One Basket:

The speaker expresses concerns about the potential risks of relying solely on digital IDs, citing a real-life example of a customer unable to make a purchase without tap functionality on her phone.
Ongoing Monitoring and Updates:

The talk concludes with a commitment to keeping viewers informed about developments in the digital ID space, especially as it relates to security issues and hacker activities.

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