Unfunded mandated liabilities to Spark civil Unrest, USA will default Globally on purpose ,

My opinion: there is a series of events that will unfold leading 2024 to major major problems and making it the worst year in Recorded history , Governments are loosing grip , citizens have had enough , world wide protests like 2019 , and Back to world wide no confidence in Governments !

Chat GPT view on Unfunded Mandated liabilities
Unfunded mandated liabilities, encompassing pension obligations, welfare programs, and other benefits lacking dedicated funding, can present significant challenges for a country like the USA in various ways:

Financial Strain: The absence of allocated funds for these commitments means that the government is making promises without sufficient financial backing. This scenario creates financial strain on government budgets, as the demand to fulfill these obligations increases over time.

Budgetary Pressure: With the aging population, expenses related to pensions and healthcare tend to rise, intensifying the strain on government budgets. This can lead to deficits and limit resources available for crucial public services like education, infrastructure, and defense.

Debt Accumulation: Governments may resort to borrowing to meet immediate funding needs for unfunded liabilities, contributing to the growth of national debt. Mismanagement of this debt could result in higher interest payments and a potential fiscal crisis.

Tax Increases: Raising taxes becomes a recourse for governments to cover unfunded liabilities. However, increased taxation can negatively impact economic growth, discouraging investment and potentially slowing down the overall economy.

Competitive Disadvantage: Elevated levels of unfunded liabilities can diminish a country’s appeal to investors and businesses. Concerns may arise about the government’s ability to fulfill financial obligations, leading to reduced confidence in the economy.

Generational Inequity: Unfunded liabilities often lead to intergenerational inequity, burdening future generations with the financial consequences of promises made to previous ones. This dynamic can result in social tensions and worsen economic disparities among different age groups.

Credit Rating Downgrades: Large and growing unfunded liabilities can negatively impact a country’s creditworthiness. Credit rating agencies may downgrade the country’s credit rating, increasing the cost of government borrowing in the future.

Political and Social Stability: Inability to address unfunded liabilities may lead to political and social instability as citizens grow frustrated with reduced public services, higher taxes, or economic uncertainty. This instability can have lasting effects on governance and social cohesion.

Effectively managing unfunded mandated liabilities often necessitates a combination of policy measures, including pension reform, adjustments to benefit programs, increased revenue generation, and prudent fiscal management. Neglecting to address these liabilities can have profound consequences for a country’s economic well-being and stability.

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