America in Deep trouble! They will do anything to cancel the 2024 elections , Trump in Trouble

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Mike Martins appears to be discussing various topics related to the United States, including political predictions, concerns about a potential cyber attack in 2024, and issues related to immigration and the economy. Here are the key points:

Iowa AG Brena Bird’s Prediction: Mike mentions Iowa Attorney General Brena Bird predicting a historic win for Donald Trump in the Iowa caucus. He expresses doubt about the 2024 election, suggesting that there might not be one, and if there is, it could be problematic.

Concerns about Donald Trump’s Potential Win: Mike speculates that if Donald Trump were to win in 2024, he might face strict procedures on what he can say, do, and sign agreements. He suggests a feeling that something significant might happen to Trump in July or August of the following year.

Cyber Attack Predictions: Mike discusses the possibility of a cyber attack on the United States in 2024, referencing an article about the film “Leave the World Behind,” which depicts a collapse of the U.S. due to a cyber attack affecting phone lines, power grid, internet, and satellites.

Impact of Cyber Attack: The discussion touches on the potential consequences of a globalized world losing essential services like phone lines, power grid, and internet. Mike emphasizes the importance of preparedness and mentions the vulnerability of systems like gas pumps that rely on electricity.

Border Patrol and Immigration: Mike highlights the issue of illegal migration, reporting a record-breaking 302,000 encounters with illegal aliens in December alone. He questions whether America is falling under its own weight and suggests that Canada is facing problems related to money laundering and real estate.

Economic Issues: There is mention of economic concerns, such as Canada’s dangerous concentration in real estate, with the government wanting to build more homes. The discussion suggests that this approach may lead to overpriced housing, money laundering, and foreign investment.

Chinese Troops and Immigration Issues: Mike recalls discussions from 2018 about concerns regarding Chinese shock troops coming in from the Mexican side and being implanted into the U.S. He reiterates warnings to Americans about potential threats from Canada, emphasizing economic and immigration-related issues.

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