China’s Economic Leverage over Taiwan , Changing Nature of Warfare Geo Political Tensions ,

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Taiwanese Presidential Election: Discussion revolves around the recent election in Taiwan, with a focus on a candidate named Leah Lii and concerns about China’s influence in the election.

U.S. Position on Taiwan’s Independence: Mention that Joe Biden, as of the information provided, does not recognize Taiwan’s independence, and there’s a reference to the “one China policy.”

Geopolitical Strategies: The idea that the U.S. may want a war with China over Taiwan is discussed, but there’s an acknowledgment that the U.S. may not win such a war. The notion that the U.S. provokes situations without officially starting wars is also raised.

Predictions from 2019: Reference is made to predictions from 2019 about Taiwan being a potential focus and target in global geopolitics.

China’s Economic Leverage: The idea that China, as a major trading partner for Taiwan, has economic leverage and could potentially avoid conflict by waiting.

Comparison to Venezuela: Drawing parallels to Venezuela, where narratives and perceptions were manipulated to influence public opinion, and the potential manipulation of the political landscape in Taiwan.

Changing Nature of Warfare: There’s a brief mention of how the traditional idea of using an aircraft carrier to control situations might be changing in modern warfare.

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