Argentina 1st country in the West to hit hyperinflation! , adding Zeros to Currency is Dangerous

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Hyperinflation Concerns: Mike revisits the topic of hyperinflation and the role of artificially low interest rates. He reflects on previous predictions regarding Haiti and Ecuador, acknowledging inaccuracies.

Argentina’s Hyperinflation Signs: Mike points to Argentina as a potential hotspot for hyperinflation. He highlights the issuance of larger denomination banknotes by Argentina’s Central Bank, suggesting this is an early sign of hyperinflation.

CPI Increase in Argentina: Mike mentions that Argentina’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose by 25.5% in December 2023, with specific sectors experiencing even higher inflation rates. He notes that adding zeros to the currency is a worrying sign.

Economic Impact: Mike discusses the impact of inflation on various sectors in Argentina, including food and beverages, household equipment, restaurants, hotels, recreation, and culture.

Latin Spring Prediction: Mike predicts a rise in social unrest, referring to it as the “Latin Spring,” particularly in Argentina. He suggests this could be more significant and potentially deadlier than the protests of 2019.

Ecuador’s Situation: Briefly mentioning Ecuador, Mike provides an update on the country’s internal turmoil, including the presence of drug trafficking gangs holding hostages and the aftermath of law enforcement operations.

2024 Prediction for Argentina: Mike predicts that by the summer of 2024, Argentina could experience severe economic challenges, possibly leading to social unrest and the emergence of the “Latin Spring.”

These points cover economic indicators, geopolitical predictions, and social dynamics in Argentina and Latin America, reflecting Mike’s analysis and perspectives on current events.

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