WHO dictating what Canada can do or not do! Canada in full rebard mode, Expanding WHO’s Control,

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Canadian Government Lobbying for Climate Change Inclusion: Mike reveals that the Canadian government is lobbying the World Health Organization (WHO) to include climate change in the definition of a pandemic emergency. He expresses concern that this move is driven by a desire to impose more taxes on the population.

Negative Carbon Position: Mike points out that Canada is in a negative position regarding carbon emissions, producing more oxygen than carbon. He finds it bizarre how the narrative is changing in textbooks, labeling carbon as bad, but he doesn’t elaborate further on this point.

Expanding WHO’s Control: The Canadian government, according to Mike, wants the WHO’s instrument to control populations during disease outbreaks to include an “all hazardous approach.” This would involve WHO issuing directives for emergencies related to climate change, air pollution, and chemical contaminations.

Creation of Treaties and Governance Agreements: Mike mentions that the Canadian government is advocating for the creation of constitutions and treaties related to pandemic prevention and preparedness rooted in the WHO Constitution.

International Student Influx: Mike briefly touches on Canada’s efforts to attract international students, viewing them as a gateway for foreign investors to launder money into the housing sector. He mentions the Liberal government’s immigration targets and the reliance on international students to support the economy.

Chinese Students and Housing Market: There’s a reference to past articles about Canada’s desire to attract 500,000 Chinese students per year to prop up the housing market. The articles supposedly discuss how Chinese students contribute to the housing market and influence real estate trends.

Concerns About Articles Being Taken Down: Mike expresses concern that some articles discussing Canada’s plans for Chinese students may have been taken down

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