Major Struggles in New Zealand , Food , Gas, importance of personal observation, Capitan Craig Cook

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Christmas Sales and Economic Impact: Craig notes a lack of Christmas spirit and a sense of economic downturn during the holiday season. He observes a decline in retail sales, evident in reduced foot traffic and a general feeling of economic strain.

Observational Evidence: Craig emphasizes the importance of personal observation, stating that the economic challenges are visible when people go out. He mentions a downcast atmosphere, fewer people on the roads, and an overall sense of economic difficulty.

Community and Support: Craig appreciates the community on Mike’s show and highlights the positive impact of reaching out to others. He specifically mentions the support he has received on his sobriety journey.

Music Journey: Craig shares his enjoyment of working on his music and expresses gratitude for the opportunity to discuss it on the show. He also mentions promoting Mike’s channel on YouTube.

Perspective on TikTok: Craig addresses concerns about TikTok being Chinese-owned and points out that, in his experience, it has provided exposure for his music. He comments on the inevitability of being spied on and suggests that the Chinese might be less harsh than other governments.

Global Spying Dynamics: Craig compares the current state of global spying to historical espionage during World War II, highlighting that multiple countries engage in spying, and it’s a complex, ongoing dynamic.

New Zealand’s Nuclear-Free Stance: Craig discusses New Zealand’s decision to be nuclear-free in the 1980s, stating that it marked the beginning of a decline in the country’s economic standing. He questions the effectiveness of New Zealand’s influence on the global stage.

Dietary Habits and Economic Challenges: Craig shares his personal dietary habits, mentioning that he eats one meal a day due to economic constraints. He notes the rising costs of basic goods and the challenges many people face.

Preparing for Possible Scenarios: Craig mentally prepares for potential geopolitical events, expressing concerns about shortages and the potential impact on New Zealand. He discusses the country’s role in global food production.

Encouragement and Resilience: Craig encourages Mike to continue his work despite challenges. He emphasizes the importance of resilience, expressing admiration for Mike’s dedication to providing information and making a difference.

Overall, Craig provides insights into the economic challenges, personal observations, and his perspective on various global and national issues. He emphasizes the importance of community support and encourages resilience in the face of difficulti

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