American Journalist’s Tragic Fate: Exposing Ukraine’s Repression, Truth Costs Lives with Supreme C

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Gonzalo Lira’s Death: The conversation begins with the mention of Gonzalo Lira, an American journalist who died while incarcerated in Ukraine. The claim is that the U.S. government allowed Ukraine to harm him due to his criticism of Ukrainian President Zelensky.

Lira’s Background: Lira was in Ukraine due to his marriage to a Ukrainian woman. Despite the war in Ukraine, he chose not to leave, possibly because he wanted to report on the significant events unfolding.

Political Prisoner: The discussion asserts that Lira was a political prisoner, emphasizing that he was not a spy or subversive influence agent. His direct and harsh criticisms of the Western and Ukrainian stance on the war against Russia led to his imprisonment.

Transparency and Openness: Lira is described as transparent and open, standing by his statements with his own name and life. The charges against him by the Ukrainian government are deemed ludicrous and disgraceful.

Speculations about Lira’s Disappearance: After Lira’s disappearance, there were speculations about whether he was turned by Ukrainian Security Police or dropped off the radar voluntarily. Some suggest he continued his activities, and there are theories about authorities wanting him to do so to track dissidents through IP addresses.

Surveillance State: The conversation delves into the pervasive surveillance state, citing instances like tracking attendees at Ron Paul’s rally years ago. The discussion highlights concerns about the extensive monitoring of individuals through various means, including IP addresses.

2016 as Globalist Stalingrad: The discussion concludes by stating the belief that 2016 marked a turning point akin to the Battle of Stalingrad for globalists. Despite advanced surveillance, they underestimated the size and decentralized nature of opposition movements, particularly during the U.S. election.

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