New social media influencers who, lack an understanding of the historical context of issues

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Threats and Hate Messages: Mike Martins begins by mentioning that he received threats and hate messages through email, Facebook, and Instagram following a video he posted.

Misinformation and Lack of Understanding: He suggests that many people on social media, particularly those who emerged after the C19 , lack a historical understanding of issues. He believes that these “postco heroes” lack a background in discussing topics that have been ongoing for years.

Blaming Trudeau: Martins argues against blaming Justin Trudeau solely for the housing crisis, stating that the issue has been present during both conservative and liberal governments. He stresses the need for a more nuanced understanding of the problem.

Back-and-Forth Between Liberals and Conservatives: There is a mention of the ongoing blame game between liberals and conservatives regarding the housing crisis, with Martins highlighting that it existed during the conservative government and continued during the liberal government.

Historical Context: He points out that the housing crisis was evident back in 2013 and even earlier, with references to news articles discussing the unaffordability of homes. He specifically mentions Prime Minister Steven Harper’s statement in 2014 that Canada was not facing a housing crisis.

Housing Market Correction: Martins suggests that a housing market correction should have occurred back in 2014 based on the conditions at that time, including high housing prices and concerns about a decline in the market.

Media Coverage: He discusses media coverage in 2013 highlighting the unaffordability of homes, with examples of people paying significantly over the listed prices for houses.

Overbidding and Housing Prices: Martins points out that people were already overbidding on houses in 2013, contributing to the unaffordability of homes.

Mortgage Rates: He emphasizes the vulnerability of those taking on large mortgages when interest rates increase, citing an example from 2012 or 2013 where an $800,000 mortgage could become unsustainable with a two-point increase in rates.

Critique of Postco Heroes: Martins criticizes new social media influencers who, according to him, lack an understanding of the historical context of issues and are now making a living as heroes without a track record from years ago.

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